Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blue Monday / Beautiful Tuesday

Oh great. This is what I get for feeling generous as a supervisor.

Last week I told one of my copywriters to take Monday and Tuesday off since she just had a hectic week launching a new show. My other copywriter was asked to come to work on Saturday, so I also allowed him to take Monday off.

Yesterday morning my remaining copywriter sent me a text message saying he’s sick with the flu.

So Monday I was all alone in my lonesome, doing all their pending work (not much, thank god) and fending off all our clients. Pakshet da puwet.

* * * * *

I just realized I have a bisexual female, a gay male, and a straight male as subordinates. Wala lang.

* * * * *

Today the television is on in the office and everyone is watching the Miss Universe pageant. Miss Philippines didn’t make it into the semi-finals again. If she had made it, maybe I’d be watching. But right now I’d rather tune out.

You see, unlike most gays I know, I lack the Miss U gene. Actually I’m indifferent to most beauty pageants, even male beauty pageants. Male bikini contests are interesting to watch, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch (unless I have a friend who’s asked me to support him/her). The only beauty contest that I’ve ever really deemed worthy of my time and attention is the Miss Gay Marikina sponsored by the Spartan Boys and held every first Sunday of January. But I watch it more for their talent portion (for the past four years they never fail to have at least one contestant who does the fire-eating thing) and their question-and-answer portion (my all-time favorite question so far: “If you had a choice, what would you choose for our country—El Niño or La Niña? And why?”)

I watch it not really out of solidarity for my sisters but because, despite the earnestness of everyone involved in the contest—organizers and contestants alike—the whole event is actually an unwitting parody of beauty contests. I think all gay beaucons are parodies, despite questions like, “What positive things can gays offer to society?”

And beauty contests in general are a celebration of the superficial. Sure, shallow is fun. But they are not good for the self-esteem of people who aren’t mature enough to put those kinds of contests in their proper perspective. Everyone can be beautiful without fitting into those vital statistics.

* * * * *

The Miss Universe has been crowned: Miss Canada. Nelz, take a bow. Time for you to bring out that slinky black dress and those high heels and start practicing for the next Miss Universe, hahaha!


Blogger Punks said...

You reminded me of my former supervisor back when I was still a part of the "firm." Although he is gay, he is a non-practicing... and the irony is, he is technically a heterosexual.

We were also three in the team - me, my gay brodder who were the writers, and a straight female PR assistant.

I also don't have those Miss U genes. Kainis nga eh. When everyone around me goes gah-gah over beauty pageants, my reaction is always...


12:57 PM  
Blogger Nelson said...

pooootah talaga? hahahahha i saw the miss universe program here, but i entirely forgot to tune in!

lola na ako noh, wiz na keri magpapagjak sa heels! hahahhahaha

2:31 PM  
Anonymous XP said...

The 60 gmail and 20 yahoo accounts paid off. She snagged the Miss Photogenic after all. Next stop, text brigade... Call me crazy but I did it.

6:31 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

XP, bakit kaya nung inaccept ni Miss Philippines yung Miss Photogenic award, mukha siyang malungkot? Hindi siya telegenic at that point. :-)

9:00 PM  

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