Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The End / The Speech

10:26 am: Gud morning! thanks at napatawad mo nako. Kung nde ka na magtitiwala sakin ok lng naiintindihan ko. Bsta lhat ng kwento ko totoo ung pic lng nde.

10:27 am: Matatahimik na rin ako. Dnt worry nde na kta guguluhin. Salamat sa lhat. I will never forget u. Im still here for u whatever happens. I luv u.

Okay, that’s it, that’s the end as far as I’m concerned. If ever I bump into Luke (he works at a call center in our office compound, after all) I will not snub him. I will acknowledge his presence; I was trained by Miss Manners and good breeding still goes a long way. But I will neither initiate nor engage him in unnecessary talk.

* * * * *

Now, on to a different topic. Let me take this opportunity to practice my Oscar acceptance speech. Hehehe.

Last Saturday when I logged on to Badinggerzie’s uber-popular Third Sex In The City blog, I was rendered speechless when I saw that he chose The McVie Show in his Tsek Na Vekvek of the Week.

What can I say?

First of all, I’d like to thank Badinggerzie for this honor. It’s actually more than an honor; his blog is so popular (you can tell in his Talakan portion) that a special mention in his blog is like having Sharon Cuneta, Aga Muhlach, Judy Ann Santos, and Heart Evangelista collectively as endorsers. Suddenly The McVie Show seems as clean as Ph Care, as jolly as Jollibee, as spicy as 555 sardines, and as shiny as Cream Silk.

I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.

Second, I’d like to thank my on-line audience, the ones who regularly tune in to The McVie Show. Whether they participate actively or just quietly watch, your regular patronage is very much appreciated. For you guys I try my best to air at least an episode a day during weekdays. Weekend broadcasts are special broadcasts. Day-off kasi ng mga engineers ko.

I’ve made it a point to write mostly in English because I am more comfortable speaking my mind in English. (But I “feel” in Filipino, if you can imagine that. It’s just that I always process my emotions, and processing is in English.) And recently I found out that non-Filipinos have also been tuning in. However a show is a show—if using Filipino or “vhaklhur-speak” will have more impact, then so be it.

But let me now state the following for the record: in my humble opinion Third Sex In The City is, hands-down, the most entertaining and well-written blog on-line evur. In form and in content it is far superior to The McVie Show. The stories and the way they are written all mesh together beautifully in a celebration of gayness, its beauty and its pathos. Badinggerzie can breeze through a story so nonchalantly the reader is lulled to let his guard down. Then he throws in a zinger so unexpectedly that the reader is left gasping for breath from laughter. With each new entry I end up laughing out loud, giggling and gasping in a combination of surprise and shock. My immediate desk-mates often wonder what I’m reading; because they’re girls I just tell them, “You wouldn’t understand.” (Mwhek-kek-kek.)

I’ve made it a point to convert my other gay officemates to the blog; today Third Sex In The City is more than just a blog, it is a lifestyle. (Don’t ask me what that means.) Many people, including yours truly, really feel that their day is incomplete if we don’t get our fill of Badinggerzie’s fabulous and funny prose.

Last but not the least: Badinggerzie, we may or may not meet in person. We may even end up in Bed without me knowing that you are also there. I wish you well. I wish you the best with Varsity Captain. Whether you’ll end up using his fabulous abs as your laundry washboard or not, I hope you find the happiness we all are looking for.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go now. The orchestra is now playing the “Star Wars” theme to boot me off the stage.


Blogger Punks said...

Since we were mentioning Badinggerzie, I believe that he has now become a phenomenon. Ika nga, every gay blogger should be in tune with his blog. Grabe, pati weekend posts ko, Bading na bading ang lengwahe.

And yeah, it's a great honor to be part of the Liga ng Sangkabaklaan. The day my blog was linked there, new bloggers suddenly appeared on my tag.

Wish ko lang, wag sana ma-overwhelmed si Marce Bernz, lalo pa't ngayong andami dami na niyang naiinspire na mga geyz na katulad naten.

8:28 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

I believe keri niya ang kanyang phenomenal success. Badinggerzie, the Pink Phenomena!

8:43 PM  
Blogger Mr. Schizophrenic said...

korak! dahleng my day isn't complete kung di ko mabasa ang blog nya. kahit nabasa ko na, babasahin ko pa ulit dahil nakakatuwa talaga :D

12:35 PM  
Blogger BERNADETTE said...


nag-faint na naman akez.

these past few days parate na lang akez nag-fe-faint.

(Leaukemia [deadma sa ispelling] isdachu?)

mga marce. i am prostituting myself and announcing my life to the whole world. it's not that, bet ko lang ipangalandakan ang nangayayari sa 'ken bat the thing is . . . this is GAY life . . . and i just want people to see GAY life through the vantage of point of really GAY person . . . (hindi lang GAY! . . . GAY na GAY pa! ) . . .

mcvie . you wouldn't be in that corner for nothing . . . you are the better writer. more power and keep it up.

3:14 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

BADINGGERZIE: O sha, aminin na natin na may mutual admiration society tayo ditetch. :-)

I write better in english and you write better in vhaklhur-speak.

What is "funny" is relative. So magka-dugo na tayo, sister! Pink ang blood natin evuuur! Mwah!

3:20 PM  

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