Monday, May 16, 2005

She Stoops to Laugh

I met up with Marisse during lunch near my office. I love talking to her. She’s one of my favorite friends to hang out with. Our conversations swing from silly to serious in .02 seconds flat. I always tell her we should have our very own talk show. She laughs at almost anything I say—and her laughter is a most infectious one at that.

But this time it was something she said which had us laughing our heads off so loud, the customers in the other tables were staring at us. From out of the blue Marisse remembered a quote from sexy starlet Sabrina M during a feud with another sexy actress (we’re not sure now who it was). The quote said out loud and from out of nowhere sounded so incongruous. Sabrina M had said, with full conviction, “I will not stoop down to my level.”

It took us almost two full minutes before we could say something coherent again.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a full-tilt, no-holds barred laugh trip. Not even sex can match the feel-good, gut-wrenching joy one feels when in the middle of a gasp-inducing guffaw-fest. Okay, maybe it’s unfair to compare apples with oranges, but you get the idea.


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