Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wanted: Nicole Kidman as The Interpreter

I first met him online; on his profile was his cellphone number. I contacted him and he agreed to meet me at 7 in the evening. He’s a 28-year old Chinese-Filipino, born and raised in mainland China. He knows very little English and Tagalog. His dad is Chinese, his mother Filipino; several months ago they sent their only son to the Philippines to run their shoe business in Baclaran. They have no idea their only son likes boys too.

After struggling with SMS-ing him with a minimum of words, I managed to arrange the time and place for our meeting. I picked him up outside his place, a high-rise condominium along Roxas Boulevard. Since he lives with his aunt, we couldn’t stay at his place. Instead we checked into a motel nearby.

We played Chinese checkers, Chinese jackstones and Chinese garter.

Barely a minute after I dropped him off outside his condominium, I received a text message from him: I miss you na. Later on, a follow-up from him: I really like you, I don’t want to see other men, can you be my boyfriend?

Ano ba naman yan?!

So I replied: I like you also, but can we get to know each other better first?
Him: You don’t like me, I know.
Me: No, I like you. But I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now.
Him: Ok. I see. Night. Salamat.

Hay naku. Memo to me: do not use McSex Moves #s 17, 23, 58, 74 and 99 on impressionable kids with a language barrier. Tendency to become clingy is very high.


Blogger Kaloy said...

Wow, mcvie. Must have been a really good round of Hong Kong poker. May appendix ba ng McSex moves? hehehe

9:19 AM  
Blogger Kervin said...

28 and you still call him a kid? Tehehehe just pulling your leg there, at least you had fun with your chinese take out nyahahahaha

3:26 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

LIQUIDUS: Unfortunately, the McSex Moves can only be fully appreciated live. Basta't wag lang gagawin right after eating a full meal, at baka ma-appendix.

Ngyuk-ngyuk-ngyuk. ;-)

KERVS: Anyone who says "I love you" and "Can you be my boyfriend" after one meeting is, in my book, a kid. :-)

8:54 AM  

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