Monday, May 09, 2005

Sick Gay in Sickbay

I think it was the cold office/hot environment outside which did me in; well, that plus going to Bed every weekend for the past three weeks. So I was bedridden last weekend. I had an itchy throat, a fluctuating body temperature (now high, now higher), and an overwhelming desire to lie down on a block of ice for a bed. It’s not nice to be sick during these hot summer days and nights. You’re hot inside and hot outside. Hell on earth.

I missed a baptism, a play reading and a whole day seminar. And to think I was really planning my weekend to be totally wholesome, as in no Malate, no flirting, no sex. I got to stick to the strategy but the execution was drastically changed.

At least I had an idea of what was happening outside. Via SMS I found out the following: [1] Phillip successfully drove to Batangas pier on his own at night and had to ask only once for directions. [2] The priest who baptized Leigh’s Luc was a boyish-looking cutie pie who despite his lack of height had very long fingers. Ooh. [3] 2 gays were overheard talking just outside Bed: “One thing I hate about my boyfriend is that he left me.” Wow.

Meanwhile I watched DVDs the whole weekend. After watching House of the Flying Daggers I realized that a blind girl can run at full speed in a forest thick with trees without hitting a tree trunk head-on (yes, I know Ziyi Zhang’s character is not really blind, but at that point the audience is suppose to think she is). According to Chinese movie physics, the fourth arrow shot in rapid succession will somehow catch up with the first one. And Chinese soldiers can cut a bamboo trunk, whittle the leaves away and sharpen the edge while jumping from treetop to treetop—all in one-tenth of a second.

Kung Fu Hustle is funnier upon repeated viewing. And the actor who plays the coolie is cute in a Julio-Diaz-meets-a-kargador kind of way.

On Mother’s Day we watched The Mummy. Wala lang. And I received this text from a gay officemate of mine: Alam ko mahirap maging badish, pero shurley fuentes kong majirap mcbride din naman maging ina mesh kung baklesh ang junakis tulad natin dibash?! Happy Mother’s Day sa mudra mesh! I had a headache after reading that SMS.

Aside from a neck-ache because of lying down the whole day, staying at home the whole weekend was quite a relaxing change of pace. And it was very cost efficient—I didn’t spend for anything at all. I also didn’t have to worry about dressing up, being presentable. It’s just the unbearable heat that’s a bummer.

Talk about konsuwelo de bobo.

Today even though I still wasn’t feeling well, I dragged myself out of the house because we had our planning session in a hotel in Ortigas. Ahhh, to be in an airconditioned room the whole day! Besides I missed a chance to have sex last week because of that damn SWOT anaylsis, so might as well make sure it’s presented properly.


Blogger Nelson said...

Naku hinay-hinay lang Joel.... You need to build up your strength again to take on more Korean boys. ;-)

5:25 AM  
Blogger J. said...

magpakita ka sa akin kaagad at nang mabudburan ka ng korean bug. mabisang gamot iyan sa nananakit na laman. diba, sandara?

8:11 AM  
Blogger McVie said...

Dear J,

Oo naman kaya mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat. *sabay wave*

Yours truly,

9:49 AM  

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