Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Public Announcement: Free Movie Passes

I am giving away three movie passes for free to the Hero Angeles-Sandara Park starrer, Can This Be Love. I need to dispose of them before Friday because most theaters don’t accept them on the third week (it’s now on the second week). They are valid on most days except Sundays and holidays. Each movie pass can accommodate two people at the most.

Star Cinema usually gives us movie passes for most of their releases. I always turn them over to our maid but now that she’s gone, I have no one to give them to.

Those who want one or all but are embarrassed to admit it publicly, just email me (see link). A caveat: if you want the passes, find a way to come over to where I am. If you expect me to go all the way to Tuguegarao to give you the passes, you are sorely mistaken.

This is your chance to see firsthand the inexplicable “It” factor that Sandara has that’s endearing her to the Filipino masses.

I have seen the movie already. At best it is serviceable; Joey Javier Reyes is a competent director and he works well with his actors. In total fairness he was able to squeeze a mostly effective performance from Sandara—she can be quite endearing in certain scenes. There are the usual leaps-off-logic that a Filipino melodrama is required to have. (Why, oh why can’t we have a love story that can also make sense? I know love isn’t logical, but do the plot and character motivations have to be illogical too?) The biggest problem I have with the movie is the pacing—it would have worked better as a cute no-brainer if it zipped by so fast the audience doesn’t have time to ponder about the logical loopholes and inexplicable character choices. Still, aside from entertaining the audience, Joey Reyes also manages to inject relevant social commentaries about the influx of Koreans in the Philippines and the desire for Filipinos to leave for better opportunities abroad.

So comment, email or SMS me ASAP if you want to see Can This Be Love for free.


Blogger Nelson said...

oh God Sandara Park? I thought she's leaving the country na? Can she already speak English? Tagalog?

Is she still relevant?

1:38 AM  
Blogger McVie said...

Let me answer that in a separate episode. :-)

9:33 AM  

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