Thursday, May 05, 2005


Early this evening I received an invitation via email. It was for a reading, not an audition, this Saturday for the play Mist. As described in the email, the play is a “philosophical tragicomedy written by Miguel Unamuno.”


My first reaction was one of incredulity. You want moi to act in a play? Growing up I’ve always fancied myself an actor; years of actual stage experience proved that I’m more of a comedian instead of a thespian. Still, a small part of me longs to one day go up onstage and address the Hollywood pantheon with the words, “I’d like to thank the Academy.”

So I sent a text message to the director of the play, JM: “What is the play about?” Hey, might as well find out what he wants me to do, right?

He answered back: “It’s a funny existential play with a talking dog.”


So I text him: “I have no problem with the talking dog—think Fulgoso in Marimar—but I’m worried about the existential bit.”

He answered: “Just attend, okay? It’s funny.”

JM never really mentioned anything about what part he wants me to read. But somehow I can’t help thinking of dog collars and fake tails as costume.

So I Googled “Miguel Unamuno” and “Mist” and found out that the “towering figure of political, philosophical, and literary controversy, Miguel de Unamuno was the leader of the brilliant Generation of 1898 that ushered in a second golden age of Spanish culture.” Mist is actually a novel, not a play. Its characters include “Augusto Perez, the pampered son of a recently deceased mother; the deceitful, scheming Eugenia, whom Augusto obsessively idealizes; and Augusto’s dog Orfeo, who gives a funeral oration upon his master’s death.”

Make me Eugenia, please. But I’ll also start practicing my bark just in case my acting career has really gone to the dog. Woof, woof!


Blogger Nelson said...

Go lang! You crave for performance and adulation, pagkakataon mo na ito he he he ;-)

3:50 AM  
Blogger McVie said...

Oh, you bet! :-)

1:30 PM  
Blogger Kervin said...

Cool, as long as it's good, it doesnt matter what role you play. Wag lang talking wall flower ala.... :lol:

2:53 PM  

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