Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Love Life

It is understandable why most people assume that someone who is single has no love life. The common assumption is that the “love” in love life means romantic love. However if we broaden the definition of love to include platonic, erotic, friendship, familial, agape, etc, then a person can have a thriving love life even if he or she is single. Call it the classic McVie reaction to romantic rejection: change the perspective. Find a loophole in the definition and redefine.

However that doesn’t address the lack of romance in my life. Again, the McVie reaction: change the perspective. Question the need for romance. Defy.

Of course having that attitude never really quashed my need for romance. It only reins it in. Blame it on years and years of indoctrination—all those classic love stories, Hollywood romances, TV soap operas have done their job very well.

So I continue to sing to myself the kd lang song, Season Of Hollow Soul: Fate must have a reason. Why else endure the season of hollow soul? The ground on which we leave on, how strangely fuels the season of hollow soul, hollow soul. Meanwhile, focus on other loves. Choose a job you like. Have fun with friends. Foster family ties. Go to Bed. Dance the night away. Laugh. Make others laugh. Entertain with an on-line show and seek applause.

Life offers us a myriad of choices. It is up to us to choose the life we live. And live the life we chose.

Love life.


Anonymous XP said...

Being single and happy does not mean that I don't have a lovelife. I can fall in love even with the smallest of things.

3:00 AM  
Blogger McVie said...

Mizmoh. :-)

11:44 AM  
Blogger sky said...

At meron ding music sa huli!

5:39 PM  

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