Sunday, September 25, 2005

Final Bow

Thus ended the run of Bayan-Bayanan.

There were two special performances today (Sunday), 10am and 2pm. My alternate took the morning slot, while I closed in the afternoon. After taking our final bow, the whole cast and crew whooped and cheered.

Some tears were shed. Not me; I’ve been in too many plays to really be affected that way. Still, there was sadness in the end. Some days we hit it right, other days we were off our mark; still I could safely say that we all gave our best.

After the show most of us trooped to Shakey’s, each one hoping to stretch the time we have with one another. But one by one goodbyes were said, and we all headed home.

Right now I’m in an internet café; I just finished giving Orlando a much-needed foam bath after weeks of neglect. Starting tomorrow I’m back to my daily morning ritual at the gym, a ritual I put on hold for the past month now. Starting tomorrow I don’t have any reason to leave the office early.

Starting tomorrow it’ll be back to regular programming.

Funny how this play took a big chunk off my life, and yet I’m treating it as if it happened alongside what I consider as my “regular life.” Ha.

No, it shouldn’t be. In fact, some of us alumni in the cast were saying to one another, “We need something like this at least once a year, or else we’d go nuts in our jobs.” Gosh, how sad. Why can’t we make this our day jobs instead? That way, we don’t need to go nuts.

Anyway, that’s fodder for further mulling. For now, it’s curtains for Bayan-Bayanan. I promised myself I’ll write a “thank you” episode, addressed to the cast and crew. Maybe it’ll be shown here in The McVie Show, maybe I’ll just limit it to our egroup mailing list.

To those who watched, my heartfelt thanks.



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