Monday, September 19, 2005

In Showbiz News

While I was in Galleria on my way to the cinemas, I saw people in the restaurants craning their heads. In my years of experience in showbiz, I knew it meant one thing: a celebrity was in our midst. Sure enough, I saw not one but two of them. They were walking arm in arm, trying to look inconspicuous yet obviously aware that they were being watched by all.

Mo Twister and Donita Rose.

Wow, how oh so very 90s.

They passed within inches from me. I bit down the urge to say, “Has beens.” In fairness to Donita she’s been able to reinvent herself into an Asian VJ. But after getting married, she obviously prefers a more sedate private life than a very showbiz one. But Mo Twister? After stealing Janet McBride away from local showbiz and hiding in the States, he’s back in the country after a very public split—thanks to The Buzz—and it looks like he’s trying to revive his stalled career. What career? The previous night he was on television, in a song number within the Search for the Next Close-Up Couple Grand Finals. He was rapping alongside several female singers (the likes of Bituwin Escalante). You know, the kind of rapping Carlos Agassi does so badly his career is practically defined by it. Mo even had the chutzpa to dance and groove when he obviously has no rhythm. It was excruciating to watch.

Donita, I would rather see you arm in arm with Mike Casem, heck, even Casey Kasem. But that’s just moi.

* * * * *

For the upcoming Advertising Congress this year, I hereby nominate the TVC for Best Foods Spread with Vhong Navarro singing as the Most Embarrassing Use of a Celebrity Endorser Ever. What is puzzling is why Vhong accepted the gig. He obviously doesn’t need the money—he has several projects on-going. The TVC succeeds in making the product memorable, but in a really bad way. Talk about an assault on the senses: the jingle grates the ears, the art direction hurts the eyes, and the whole TVC is an excellent example of bad taste.

* * * * *

Uma of Big Brother is becoming quite popular among both gays and girls alike. His popularity is interesting in the light of the fact that he’s never declared himself to be straight, gay or bisexual. That makes him “available” to girls and gays. Hmmm… methinks bisexuality is out. Make way for ambiguousexuality.


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uma's got some serious competition now. the new guy's (sam milby?) just HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost wet my pants, hehehe...Ü

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