Friday, September 23, 2005

Neuro Sis

Now I know why actors are considered a neurotic lot.

This is the last weekend of Bayan-Bayanan, and while the audience feedback has mostly been favorable, I’m still not sure just how I’m doing, acting-wise. Consider this: most people I know (mostly TA alumni who’ve bothered to take time out and watch the play) who’ve seen the play would go backstage and congratulate the cast. When they reach me, they’d either say “You really looked sick onstage” (my character falls ill by the second act) or say nothing at all. What gives? I’ve had two friends—fellow cast members—who’ve seen my performance during the run and told me that I “nailed it.” Okay. I guess that should be enough, but really it’s not. They say acting is all about reacting. I say acting is really 60% reaction and 40% insecure paranoia.

Still it has been one hell of a journey, a journey I wouldn’t mind getting paranoid all over again. Will I consider doing it as a living? Hmmm, tempting, tempting.


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