Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend Report

Before the weekend, the news of the murder of a gay writer in his QC home shocked our office, because he was working for one of our shows in our network. People are postulating that this latest murder may be linked to the spate of gay killings in QC several months before. The “gay serial killing” scare caused the reduction of the pick-up trade along QC Circle for a few months, but now business is back again. Of course, this latest murder may turn out to be unrelated, but for the meantime gays are being advised to be extra careful and not resort to picking up strangers especially in the QC area.

* * * * *

Last Friday I played tour guide to some of the TA kids who wanted to go to Bed for the first time. There were four of them, three gay guys and their fag hag. We entered the place at around 1am, and I immediately brought them to the second floor where it was still not so crowded. There I briefed them on the whos, whats and wheres of the dance club. After everyone got gin tonics for their first drink for the night, I left them upstairs and mingled with the crowd. Soon I saw them going downstairs, and I stayed with them on the dance floor. After a while they decided to step out for a while and grab a bite to eat.

While waiting for the food, one of them—let’s call him Face—bemoaned how the other guy, the tallest of the three—let’s call him Height—was getting almost all of the attention from the guys inside Bed. Actually Face is the better looking of the three, but Height’s advantage means that he often gets noticed first. I reassured Face, “You know, you guys have something I cannot ever get, no matter how hard I try.” What’s that, they asked. “Youth, freshness!” I replied.

We went back to dance the rest of the night away. But then Face decided to approach this semi-cute guy he spied across the room. Pretty soon we saw the two of them locking lips. After several minutes, Face went back to us and said, “I’ve been invited to his place.” Because the others had hitched with him going to Malate, I rescued him from his dilemma by offering to give the others a ride home. “Promise me you’ll play safe,” I sternly warned him before he left.

The following day when I dropped by the theater, the others were talking about how Face scored the night before. One of them asked out loud, “But doesn’t Face have a boyfriend right now?”

“Really?” I asked. I mentally kicked myself in the ass for not asking out about it that night in Bed. With the kids of today it’s next to impossible to hide such indiscretions. His boyfriend will find out soon enough. If Face and his boyfriend get into a fight because of that, it’s their problem. Still, I would have preferred to have been able to remind Face of the consequences of his actions.

Feeling Big Brother ako bigla.

* * * * *

Sunday the family had lunch at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay. My younger brother wants their wedding reception at that place, so we decided to try out their food and at the same time celebrate the birthdays of my mom and my aunt. He brought along his 4-month old daughter Naya. My niece is the type who’s nangingilala; she cries whenever a stranger picks her up. But surprisingly I’ve been able to connect with her and she allows me to carry her. So last Sunday I played babysitter to Naya while her parents met with the staff in Sonya’s for the reception arrangements.

Strange. For so many years I’ve always maintained that I don’t like kids in general; I find the responsibility of taking care of them too daunting. Yet I find myself having the patience and the instincts of an effective baby sitter. My niece Naya and my godson Luc seem to enjoy having me around them. And Ipe’s nephew and niece seem to find me an agreeable playmate. Yuck, I actually connect well with kids! Still, being a good babysitter does not a good father make. Nope, I still don’t feel the need to have a child of my own. Let the straights take care of the “Go forth and multiply” commandment. I’m more into coveting thy neighbor’s husband. Thank god He didn’t include that in his 10 Commandments.

(P.S.—For those who may be thinking of getting me as a babysitter, forget it!)


Blogger fried-neurons said...

Babysitting... when my cousin Pamela was a toddler, my aunt would ask me to babysit sometimes. Lagi kong sagot.. "Ok pero make per poop first. I am NOT changing diapers!" :)

7:19 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

Oh yeah, I NEVER change diapers. No way. :-)

7:21 PM  
Blogger Punks said...

Reminds me of the Friday I bought Gerumatori (the 17 year old kid who celebrated his 17th bday with me). Grabe, babysitter talaga ako nun. Hehehe

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haay, I sympathize! My boyfriend has a 4-year old son who I get along with (my mental age being 8 and all), so I sympathize. From cooking his favourite nuggets with Mac n'cheese to questions while he is having his bath like, "did you wash your butt crack? what about your nut sac? behind your ears?" Sus madre---questions I'd never thought I would be asking! In exchange, I hear questions/statements like, "Daddy, are you married to Celina? I told everyone [at school] that you were" or "Celina,you're so pretty---I love you!" Worth it, 'no?


10:17 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

TZEL: Well, so far Naya and Luc are both less than a year old, so they don't talk back (thank god). But when they submit themselves to you, that feeling that they're entrusting their whole being to you, it just gives me an overwhelming sense of... of...

...absolute power! Mwhahahahahaha!


10:50 PM  
Blogger monsilicious said...

I love kids......I just love their innocence....its a FRESH alternative from all the conniving, scheming, "helping with strings attached" adults I enconter daily.....I don't mind wiping a baby's ass as compared to all the crap that adults bring on the table.....I'd rather wipe ass than "kiss ass"

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kurek ka dyan, McVie! However, wika nga ng tito ni Spidey, "with great power comes great responsibility"! And personally I think kids can be just as crafty as any adult---they are however more forthright about it! As in no rationalization, no double-talk, no eklat---what you see is what you get. That is until they hit around 10 and then they start getting wiley . . .


11:37 PM  

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