Monday, August 15, 2005

Extra Rice, Please!

I’m really a rice eater at heart. I mean, sure I’d fantasize about doing it with Brad Pitt or Josh Hartnet, but at the end of the day it’s my fellow Asians who really take my breath away. Got the following off, where they had an article listing down their top 10 handsomest Asian men. Some of them I’m not familiar with but the ones below are really delicious:

Edison Chen is an actor/singer from Hong Kong. I’ve only seen a picture or two of his in Star World before we switched to Destiny Cable and now I really miss all those Chinese movies!

VJ Utt… ahhh, just uttering his name makes me wanna utt him! He’s utterly gorgeous. Never mind that his upper body’s not exactly hunkalicious—fez pa lang niya, ulam na!

I’ve seen Takeshi Kaneshiro play an angel in this movie which unfortunately did not have any English subtitles when it was shone on cable. Still I watched it just for him. Then he starred in The House of the Flying Daggers. He’s not the most talented of actors, but I watch him not for the acting.

Before reading the article I had no idea that there was this Japanese football player named Hidetoshi Nakata. But the idea of him crushing me between his thighs is, oooh, taking my breath away, literally. And his chinky eyes are just sooo cute.

Another “Whoa, who’s he?!” moment. Despite him having to share the cover with another model, I had no problem zooming in on his muscular shoulder and arm, side laterals and oooh, that butt! Ay shet, may mujer pala sa cover? Hindi ko napansin. He goes by the name of Joe L, “L” meaning nakaka-L siya!

Oh my. I really cannot go on an Atkins or South Beach diet. I cannot live without my rice!


Blogger olive said...

that's an outstanding collection of rice. haahahaahaa. this is coming from a potato queen. (i'm straddling *no pun intended* the best of both worlds right now, my man is half spanish...ole!)

2:02 AM  

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