Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Reversal Of Fortune

The recent spate of stealing in our office has taken a twisted turn.

Last Friday morning a laptop was stolen in the general area where most of the previous losses occurred. Apparently the owner of the laptop forgot to bring it home Thursday evening. People started asking our very own “I see dead people” psychic to ask her ghostly friends who the thief was.

Here’s where things get twisted: the owner of the laptop (let’s call her Miss Laptop) strongly suspects Miss Psychic of stealing her laptop. Furthermore, Miss Laptop confronted Miss Psychic last Friday, and now there’s tension between the team members. Miss Psychic has already asked our boss that she be allowed to take a leave of absence because she feels she cannot work in an environment wherein her former friends are now accusing her of theft. (That the accuser is now the accused is neither surprising nor unprecedented. When I was still working in CCP, the resident theater company experienced a rash of losses during rehearsals—a total of six victims, one after the other, sometimes just a couple of weeks apart. It turned out that the second “victim” was actually the kleptomaniac; she faked her loss to throw off suspicion against her.)

To make things worse, Miss X—our initial suspect in the loss of cellphones—found out about that fact last Friday. So now she’s fuming mad, and she demands that her name be cleared and that an apology be given to her.

Our boss is already talking to HR so that an investigation (preferably from an outside agency) can commence soonest. Furthermore, he didn’t allow Miss Psychic to take a leave.

I agree that Miss Psychic should not be allowed to go on leave. Also, I think no one, not even Miss X, deserves an apology while there’s an investigation. Until the investigation is done, no one’s name can be cleared yet. I think everyone in the office should be considered a suspect, me included. I’m willing to be subjected to a lie detector test. Everyone should also be tested.

What is fascinating to study is how people perceive things, how memory can be very selective. Before the latest twist, most people wanted to believe Miss Psychic’s statement. They gave several examples of how Miss X could have had both the opportunity and the motivation to steal. When Miss Psychic was accused, people started to remember things, of how Miss Psychic also had the opportunity and the motivation too.

Truth to tell, I am inclined to consider the possibility that the phone thief and the laptop thief may not be one and the same person. I’m looking at a copycat thief.


Blogger fried-neurons said...

It was YOU! Admit it! Admit it!

Mwahahahaha. :)

4:17 PM  
Blogger monsilicious said...

Sinubaybayan ko actually yung story about the missing celphone before just like as if i was watching a telenovela on tv(hehehe). Inanantay ko pa naman sana yung conclusion and kung ano nangyari dun sa mga "plans" nyo before para mahuli yung culprit. Pero now, meron na namang panibagong "incident".....AND THE PLOT THICKENS.........

7:29 PM  
Blogger McVie said...

FRIED-NEURONS: Actually, the stolen phones are all Nokia, and I look down on Nokia. (Ang taray!) And if I covet a laptop, it'll have to be an iBook. (Mas mataray!)

MONSILICIOUS: Haaay naku, you said it! I'm still inclined to believe that there's more than one thief in the office.

12:12 PM  

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