Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Queen-size Bed

Thank god for all the saints and thank Allah for Ramadan! Last weekend was a four-day vacation thanks to All Saints Day, and this next weekend will be a three-day respite thanks to the end of Ramadan.

Saturday was another fun night out thanks to different Halloween events in the city. I was particularly interested in seeing the newly-renovated Bed. True enough, when I entered the place, I was taken aback. This wasn’t the oh-so-crowded, this-feels-like-Divisoria-during-Christmas-rush, dancing-equals-bobbing-one’s-head kind of Bed that I knew. Oh no, this was a Queen-size Bed—it now boasts of a huge dance floor and several ledges where gyrating go-go boys can strut their stuff and be ogled at the whole night through. Truly, it’s a Bed fit for and can fit all queens of Metro Manila.

After saying hello to several usual suspects, I waited by the bar for two students from TA. They had been in Bed once before with me as their tour guide; now wanted to see the new Bed and I agreed to meet them there. After a few minutes they arrived and we moved to the dance floor. I thought that they can take care of themselves, so I left them alone. Besides, I thought that they’d have better chances of hooking up for the night if they weren’t seen with a senior citizen.

I immediately planted myself at a ledge near the main dance floor. Heck, I was determined to just dance the night away. This was Bed, this was home, this was fun!

When I checked on the students after a while, one of them whispered to me, “I met these two cute guys!” and when I looked, sure enough there were these two gorgeous twinks who looked just a little over twenty years old. Ah, the advantage of youth! I think the only ones that can trump the Youth card are the Cute Afam card and the Filthy Rich card. Feeling out of my league but happy for them, I moved back to the ledge.

After several minutes of boogying, I decided to get a drink. With the widened space, there were more walls and corners where couples could link up for the night. Sure enough there were already several in locked-tongue positions. I was just looking for a place to rest my back; I leaned against the wall near the fire exit. I was contented watching the people partying away on the dance floor when I happened to glance at my left. A couple was busy making out, but one of them was staring at me! He gave me a smile, and maneuvered so that he could grab my hand and fondle my fingers. Hey, who am I to ruin someone’s kicks, right? So I just let him. Pretty soon he whispered to his partner-for-the-night, who first glanced first at our locked hands, then up to my face. He smiled. Hmmm, I told myself, is this the makings of a threesome? They both pulled me into their embrace. Okay, okay, so it was.

While we were busy entertaining ourselves someone was also entertaining himself by watching us. Soon he moved even closer to where we were standing. He was around six feet tall, medium built, a fair dancer, Chinese-looking. PK* in other words. My companions also thought so; one of them dragged Mr. PK into the fold. Uh-oh, this is getting a wee bit complicated, I thought to myself, not to mention a little too busy. Still, it’s nothing that I can’t handle.

Soon one of them was saying, “We should find a place!” Unfortunately no one had a ready place available. The suggestion of getting a motel was quickly shot down—will they allow four guys in a room? Getting a hotel room got an even colder reception. Soon the initial thrill and excitement gave way to a dawning realization that we were in over our heads and budget. Mr. PK was the first to go. The other two were willing to proceed with a threesome, but I wasn’t too hot on it already. After the initial thrill, I put the whole situation through my mental processor, and I came to the conclusion that I’d be a lot happier if I extricate myself from the situation. So goodbye threesome, goodbye TA kids, and goodbye Bedizens. See you all next week.

*PK – It is generally acknowledged that PK stands for Pang-alis Kati, but we prefer Puwede Kna (with a silent “k”).


Blogger Leigh said...

Tama kna nga diyan. :-)

Oooh, sometimes I miss my pre-Luc days. Not that I've ever done a threesome, or am remotely interested in one; but the possibilities, oh my.


10:42 AM  
Blogger Punks said...

Isn't it amazing how our stories connect sometimes. This entry of yours was my entry this week. Except for the threesome. Heheheh.

2:40 PM  

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