Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time To Read

Time Magazine’s Oct. 10 issue has for its cover story “The Battle Over Gay Teens”. It is a very interesting—if somewhat difficult—read (the writer goes all over the place). What I took from the article is how the gay teens are trying to find their way into the adult world. Also, the current gay lifestyle doesn’t offer many alternatives to the growing gay teen population. Thus teens are as easily swayed to check out the conservative groups who offer to “cure” them of their homosexuality as they are willing to embrace pro-gay groups. Other interesting points raised by the article include: [1] how the current gay lifestyle was formed mostly by adults, with very adult concerns and interests; [2] gay teens do not necessarily label themselves as “gay” even if they are practicing homosexuals; [3] more and more straight teens are more accepting of their gay and lesbian peers; also, they are more open to the idea that sexual preference is more malleable. Gone are the days when “the purpose of a man is to love a woman, and the purpose of a woman is to love a man”.

Check out the article here.


Blogger Nelson said...

gay teens issue is still a major--and sensitive--concern here in north america. even though canadian society prides itself for being very tolerant, there are still cases of gay-related violence going rampant in major urban areas.

medyo nakakatakot.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Punks said...

Thanks for the link. It was a great read.

8:50 AM  
Blogger rmacapobre said...

the purpose of a man

l'existence précède l'essence - jean paul sartre ..

2:39 PM  

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