Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This Episode Is Exclusively Brought To You By:

Flipping through Connexion, I saw a guy whose status read Exclusively Dating then underneath it, the names of two guys.

Excuse me? “Exclusively dating”? Which part of “exclusive” did he not understand?

Then again, maybe he just dates both guys and has put a cap on just two. Or does he? You see, I remember seeing his profile a while back, maybe a month or so ago. And I remember clearly that there was only one guy he was “exclusively dating”. But now that guy has been joined by another.

Because his Connexion profile can be seen by both guys he’s “exclusively dating”, I suppose it’s safe to assume that both know they’re sharing one guy. So perhaps Connexion features only “exclusively dating” but doesn’t have categories like “dating several at once” or “polygamously connected to”.

Blame it on Connexion.


Blogger TUFFY said...

exclusively dating 2 ppl at the same time...lolz

12:41 PM  

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