Friday, July 01, 2005

The Soundtrack Of Your Life

And all along on my trip to nowhere,
You annoyed me with your foolish games.
And how you teased when I first made love,
And I’m left so naked like a burning flame.

This morning on Friday Magic Madness in 89.9FM they played the song “Burning Flame” by Vitamin Z. By gosh, that song sure brought back a lot of fond memories! I remember that plus “Life in a Northern Town” by Dream Academy and George Winston’s “Variations on the Canon by Pachelbel” were the songs that comprised the soundtrack of our barkada’s Baguio trip back in 1985.

He said “In winter 1963
it felt like the world would freeze
with John F. Kennedy
and the Beatles.”
Ah hey, ma, ma ma!
Life in a northern town.

For me the Dream Academy tune is like nostalgia frozen in a song. Whenever I hear it I remember running down Session Road in slippers, shouting after Alice in the car, “Ano? Knorr ampalaya mix?!” I remember huddling by the fireplace, melting marshmallows instead of toasting them. I remember Marlon sleeping with the girls because the boys were already crowded in the boys’ room—to the extreme envy of the boys, because Marlon got to see the girls in their underwear the next morning. I remember the drinking spree at night, and the spilling of secrets among friends. Who’s your crush? What really happened to the two of you? Do you still love him/her?

The following year a different song took over our cassette players.

Don’t you worry about the situation
(A message from the telephone)
They’re out there fighting for the state of the nation
(I’m waiting a chance to come home)

There’s no place like home,
There’s no place like home,
There’s no place, I don’t want to be anywhere else.

We sang Industry’s “State of the Nation” as a defiant anthem against Marcos and his army. We danced to it on EDSA while fireworks burst around us in celebration of the end of the Marcos tyranny. Those were dangerous times, heady times. When the first tank was stopped by people kneeling and praying in front of the soldiers, the whole country then the whole world took notice.

Cut to twenty years after—the Marcoses are back in power and they’re trying to sing Gloria out of office.

When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

When one reaches a certain age, 1GB is not enough to hold the soundtrack of your life. That is why I’ve decided to buy the 4GB iPod Mini. By next week, I’ll have a new toy. Wheee!


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