Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rele-IQ Test Results (from a Test)

Joel, your Relationship IQ is 130

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Your test results tell us that your greatest relationship strength is resolving conflicts in your relationship while your weakest is accepting your partner's differences.

The first step to improving your Relationship IQ, so it can benefit you in your relationships, is to look at how you scored on four Relationship IQ dimensions: Acceptance, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Intimacy and Sex.

ACCEPTANCE: On this scale, a score of 10 represents what the experts say is the right way to accept your partner's differences. You scored a 6.
COMMUNICATION: On this scale, a score of 10 represents what the experts say is the right way to communicate with your partner. You scored a 9.
CONFLICT RESOLUTION: On this scale, a score of 10 represents what the experts say is the right way to resolve conflict with your partner. You scored a 9.
INTIMACY & SEX: On this scale, a score of 10 represents what the experts say is the right way to express intimate feelings with your partner. You scored an 8.

Beyond your scores on the Relationship IQ dimensions, beyond your general knowledge about relationships, we can also infer from your answers on the test, the way you are in a relationship.

You, it turns out, are a Charmer in relationships.

You have a certain charisma and charm that is hard to resist, and a way of making people feel like they’re the only one in the room. In your relationships, you have an amazing amount of confidence that shows in your every move. From the way you talk to the way you carry yourself or the way you grab that certain someone’s hand—you give off an air of certainty. You sail smoothly through a multitude of situations, and your self-assurance is one of the qualities that people find especially attractive about you.

Your passion for life runs through every aspect of your relationships. You have strong opinions, and you want others to see things as you do. As such, it’s probably important that you partner round out your worldview, complementing the way you see things. You enjoy this “us against the world” feeling. That’s why it’s particularly important that you can count on your partner to be able to meet you where you stand, while also giving you enough space to do things on your own. You’re very consistent about your beliefs and practices, which is a trait your significant other appreciates about you.

Your playful nature comes across both in and outside the bedroom. Sex is an integral part of your relationship, and it’s one of the ways that makes you feel accepted by your lover. Sometimes, there are no words to describe how you feel, and only physical intimacy can communicate your emotions.

In your relationships, you’re looking for a certain level of stability. You want a peaceful relationship, not one that’s filled with emotional highs and lows. To you, relationships are meaningful, and because of that, you and your partner don’t play emotional games with one another. It’s important to you that you both feel you’re on the same page, so that you can form a steady and solid relationship foundation.

That foundation will carry through your feelings about sex as well. Sex is a way for you to connect with your partner, and it holds a lot of meaning for you. Lovemaking is a great way for you to express the strong emotions you have for your partner.

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McVie’s conclusion: I’m very good at academic stuff. But I’ve yet to put my stock knowledge to practical use. Harharhar.


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