Friday, June 24, 2005

Psych War: First Salvo

Dialogue near the desk of Miss X, within her earshot (we made sure we were talking loud enough for her to hear):

Female officemate: (pointing at my new Sony Ericsson K508i office phone) Bago yan? Naku, ingatan mo yan! You’ll never know, yan ang susunod na nanakawin!

Me: Ay, hindi yata, cheap lang ito eh. Dapat mamahalin.

Officemate: Walang konsensiya siya. Di bale, makakarma rin siya.

Me: Pakulam na natin kaya? May kilala akong magaling na mangkukulam, grabe, ang effective! Pero hindi siya ang papakulam natin. Pakulam natin yung isa sa mga mahal niya sa buhay, isa sa pamilya niya. Someone who can easily be affected. Siguro yung weakest or youngest sa pamilya nila.

(Miss X loves her 3-yr old niece to bits; she dotes on her and always calls her on the phone everyday just to check up on her. Anything her niece wants she gives in to her.)

Officemate: Eh sigurado ka ba diyan sa mangkukulam na yan?

Me: Magaling siyang mangkukulam! Kaya pa nga niya pumatay ng tao sa kulam lang.

Officemate: Sige, pag-usapan natin with the others.

Then we both went towards the cubicle of her most recent victim. There my officemate and I discussed Miss X’s behavior throughout our exchange. She never joined in our conversation nor make a side comment, something she always does (she’s the type who wants to always be in on the latest). She just stared intently into her computer screen.

End of round one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does kulam work? I need someone to help me out here. my husband cheating on e with my cousin for about five years now. they don't wanna stop. I love my husband to death and we have two wonderful kids. i want to revenge! seek justice for my kids.

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