Thursday, December 15, 2005

Botox Talks

Last weekend I found out my friend had his face Botox-ed. His forehead now looks smooth and worry-free, and his eye-bags are now less puffy than before. I always had an impression that Botox will make you look younger. My friend doesn’t look like he discovered the fountain of youth; rather, he looks like he took half a year off to rest. I like how Leigh greeted him: “You look well-rested!”

He pointed out the lines just above my nose, in between my eyebrows. “They can make those disappear!” he gleefully told me. That was the second time he noted those lines between my eyebrows.

Looking at the mirror I’d scrunch my face, make different facial expressions, then relax. The lines across my forehead are already permanently etched; even when I’m relaxed, they’re visible. The lines below my eye-bags are deeper now; so are my laugh lines near my mouth. And when I smile or laugh, my crow’s feet are highly visible.

But even if I can afford Botox treatment, I don’t think I will take them. I like my lines; somehow they add more character to my face. If Botox will just make me look well-rested, then I might as well just take the time off to rest. If it is youthful looks I want, I’d rather just develop a youthful attitude towards life: a zest for discovery, a thirst for knowledge and the grace to not take anything—including myself—too seriously. Plus maintain a trendy hairstyle. And always be in touch with the youth.

Yeah, I rather like my age lines. But then again, I may be saying that simply because people still think I look younger than my actual age. Maybe one day if more and more guess my age right, I just might consider treatment. Maybe.

Age is in the mind, and so far I don’t mind my age.


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"if he doesn't like it when your face looks like a map, tell him to hit the road." - connie from the movie connie and carla.


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