Friday, April 15, 2005

Test Tickles

These tests from are fun! I took two more, and here are the results:

Do You Follow Your Heart or Your Head?

Joel, you follow your head when it comes to success

Between all your different activities and goals, you might not have time to stop and smell the dozen long-stemmed roses. It’s not that you don’t want to make room in your life for love, necessarily. It’s just you’re probably juggling a lot of different priorities, and matters of the heart might complicate things—or they have the potential to.

Between school, work, goals, and friends, racing off toward a fairy-tale ending probably just isn’t your thing. You’re more grounded than that, and take pride in being smart when it comes to balancing your real life and your relationships behind closed doors. But with smarts like yours, you’re sure to notice when love comes knocking. So don’t be afraid to answer. Success can be measured in all sorts of ways....

Ganoon? I’ll be “sure to notice when love comes knocking”? Feeling ko nga love has decided to skip my neighborhood altogether eh!

The next test is a more kikay one!

Who Catches Your Eye?

Joel, your crush is the Team Captain

An MVP is just the right kind of guy to qualify as your crush. Since you’re a VIP in your own adventurous way, you’ll need a guy who’s as fun and fearless as you are. From the playing field to the classroom to the dance floor, only an all-star will score all the right points with you.

So maybe he’s not actually the fastest sprinter or top scorer on the basketball team. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s a guy with goals, a good heart, and a winning attitude. It wouldn’t hurt if he’s in good shape and cute, too! And that’ll make for an award-winning school year! Go team!

With matching picture of a cute all-American team captain to boot! I knew it: I’m a cheerleader-wannabe.


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