Friday, April 15, 2005

Bitin Na Kuwento

Thursday evening in Bed: J gets lucky and hooks up with this tall, wiry guy in sleeveless shirt, arms and shoulders nicely muscled. Meanwhile I’m trying to hold myself up, thanks to a one-two punch of beer and this concoction called Nightmare. Despite my efforts no one is looking my way, so I just enjoy the sights and sounds. J asks me if I can drop them off at his place. Sure, why not? Plus points in good karma for me. But before we could leave, a snag—Mr. Sleeveless cannot join J for the night. At least he gives J his digits; he can give his body later.

In my car on our way home, J waves at security guards and street tambays—flirting while in the passenger’s seat. I drop him off at a convenience store near his place; he says he wants a hotdog before going to bed. Ganyan ang nangyayari pag bitin ang bading—nauuwi sa Purefoods Tender Juicy na lang.



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