Thursday, April 14, 2005


I don’t really remember how it started or developed, but one day I just realized I had an aversion for weepy scenes in television or in the movies. They made me very uncomfortable; in my mind I’d roll my eyes whenever the tears started flowing. “Ugh!” I’d say to myself. It’s like I refused to be moved by them. I think at an early age I realized I was a very sensitive lad and I found ways to harden my heart in order to keep it shielded from hurt, either fictional or real.

For the longest time whenever my friends would say, “Naiyak ako sa eksenang yun,” I’d just smile and keep silent. No movie was allowed to move me to tears. That attitude continued until one day I came to the realization that if I wanted to be a good, competent actor, I would need to feel, to be honest with my emotions, and be in touch with them. So I thought, well, why not start with the things I watch? Nothing dramatic is going on in my life anyway; no big drama that would merit tears.

So it was that at around 2 o’clock this afternoon, I found myself sprawled on our sofa, tears welling in my eyes over several scenes of Oh! Pil-seung, Boon Soon-young. In one particular episode, he had to face the workers in a particular supermarket and deliver the news that, despite their combined efforts, the store was to be closed. Then in a later scene, the same workers interrupted a meeting with the board of directors to present to Pil-seung their pledge to take pay-cuts in order to reverse the decision to close the store. Still in another scene, Soon-young tells Pil-seung that she won’t be seeing him ever again because she feels bad that she cannot reciprocate his feelings for her. After she leaves him, Pil-seung goes to his assistant/coach to pour his heart out to her; unknown to him, his assistant/coach has unrequited feelings for him! When she offered her lap for him to curl up on, my vision became blurry once more.

Ano ba yan? Korean soap opera, pinapatulan ko ng O! It was a good thing no one else was watching with me. I kept glancing around to see if anyone was around, especially our maid who has this nasty habit of creeping up right behind you without a sound. Anyway I think she was turned off with the subtitles.

I’m already in disc 5, with 3 more discs to go. I’ve actually watched the final episode (on cable), but I think the plot will still take several dramatic twists and turns. Time to turn on the tear-ducts.


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