Friday, April 22, 2005

Go To Bed

I’m sleepy the whole day today because I stayed up until 3am in Bed. I met up with some friends there, but I also accompanied my officemate and friend Edsel, who’s still trying to cope up with the end of his seven-year relationship with his boyfriend. The break-up happened a little less than a month ago, but given that their relationship lasted seven years and that it was the first for both of them, I’m giving Edsel just several more weeks before I start telling him, “Hoy bakla, OA ka na ha.”

In the meantime, I let him dance wildly last night, drink one-and-a-half glasses of Nightmare (the potent concoction that’s one-part cocktail and one-part airline fuel) and flirt with another guy who, I later found out, had a boyfriend waiting outside the bar. At one point Edsel sandwiched me between them while they were dancing; sayaw naman ako. Ang pootah.

Thank god I’ve no major workload scheduled today. I just need to preview the plugs produced by my team. It’s a Friday, we’ll end up late, maybe Edsel will invite me again to go to Bed. Or maybe Government. Anywhere is fine for him, so long as he gets home dead-tired, so that he doesn’t have time to think. About Roy. About his stuff still in the apartment. About seven years that ended in a whimper.

Me? I’m just sleepy.


Blogger Nelson said...

I suddenly painfully miss Malate.... the very gay Malate....

2:00 AM  
Blogger McVie said...

And I'm sure the very gay Malate misses your Diyoza-ness!

6:31 PM  

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