Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Review And Greet

“One of the best posts I’ve read anywhere in quite a while. You have a way with words...”
– comment by Noprofit re. “Monks In The Key Of Zzz” episode

Shet. Palakpak naman pekpek ko. A-hihihihi. Geeteynkz! :-)

* * * * *

I doubt if he watches The McVie Show, but here’s my shout-out anyway: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jagard! Sayang at natigil ang blog mo. Nang dahil sa isang headphone?

At birthday rin pala ni Addie, ang asawa ng kaibigan kong si Ron.

So to the viewers of this show, if you personally know either celebrants, go greet them on their special day. Go na! Now na!


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